12 December 2017


Last week was the last session on STEAM Club before the winter holidays.

S6 students from the committee had planned a Christmas inspired session for the students by making a snowman out of fake snow. 

All students got really creative, some even creating a hat for the snowman ands dying it with red colourant.

And although some did not work as planned, they all had  fun trying to mix the right ingredients together to form fake snow.

Also, at the end there was a small presentation on how to do an eruption with simple ingredients. 

Important: There won't be any STEAM Club until after the holidays. For specific dates go to Miss McKenna.

Have a very Happy Holidays!

5 December 2017


 Green Plan It Challenge Update

On Monday the 4th of December our STEAM club had a fantastic turnout at the ‘Green Plan It Challenge' at the Botanical Gardens, organised by the Royal Horticultural Society. 

Students  from the club have been working tirelessly to research, design, and build (to scale!) model gardens for the annual Green Plan It competition. 

A huge congratulations to all who took part, especially the ‘Thoughtful Thistles’ group who managed to come away with the RHS award for the best team work!

STE(A)M Club 


Last week's session in STE(A)M club,was the last session for students to work on the Green Plan It Challenge.


They all worked on the last details of their project. 


 Some finished details in their 3D models and some organised their presentations. 


 It was evident all the effort they were putting in; as  well as all the team work, which helped them reach a satisfactory conclusion for the session. 


 All our gratitude to the Royal Botanic Garden volunteers who during all these weeks have been coming to mentor the students on their projects.